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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts #Tbt

Don't let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace. -Dalai Lama

It's hard to see others react, come undone, unravel... Basically it's hard to see other people's ugly. Especially if we love them. It's tough because sometimes it manifests itself in hurtful ways, or because we see them hurting themselves. The reality is, it is a tiny reflection of our ugly staring us in the face and we become uncomfortable, not with them, but with ourselves.

It has taken me years to understand this... and so many books. I also understand that there are moments of conflict where the other person's ugly is just that: the other person's ugly. I still try to explain it, to understand them, "get" their background so I can understand where they were coming from. It still hurts though. I'd understand what would make them act out, I would try to remedy the problem, all to no avail. It hurts when this happens. 

Thursday's Thought:
Don't let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace. 
- Dalai Lama

Inner peace is everything. Empathy, pathos, and love for another should never shake our inner peace. Our inner peace is what keeps us balanced- neither too high nor too low. It's what keeps us consistently able to perform, and best of all, it keeps us able to perform without tension. Allowing our worry over another's behavior, or their thoughts, or even their judgments of us to steal that, robs us of our ability to perform at our best. In essence, it robs the universe of our best, on a macro scale. It also robs us of what can be our best opportunities, what can be our best blessings, because we are too bogged down about another's behavior. 

I've recently just had to learn this lesson...again. I had to let go of the other person and I had to stop replaying the experience, explaining, justifying, and dissecting their hurtful actions. I saw some of my ugly in them. I saw mainly their pain. They did not want to fix anything in the relationship, and I simply had to accept it. Hardest of all, I had to just let it go. Let the whole drama go. Let the whole damn thing go... including them. 

And what I've concluded is that it is a harder test of character to let go of the anger (that is truly masking pain) and not do anything. Just let it go. Essentially, forgive and accept. To let go and have no reaction, neither positive nor negative, to another person's behavior. That's hard. It's a lesson. It's a true practice in maturity, honor, dignity... and strength. True strength. To not be swayed by another to fits and blows.

What is your definition of Inner Peace? Beauty? Love? Comment below, my muse.

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