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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Becca One Perfecting Brush

The end-all be-all. One brush to take over a good 5 brushes. Too good to be true? Or dreams come true? I've been using it and here are my thoughts: 

1) Amazing primer and decent foundation application. I love that the fibers of the hairs on the brush head do not absorb product meaning less waste. Also, it leaves an airbrush look to foundation, meaning a lighter flawless coverage. The downside is that it is lighter coverage, so if you need medium to full coverage, this is not the brush for you.

2) The design on the brush is meant to allow for easier contouring. It would be, if it the Bronzer is large enough for the brush to actually pick up product. Other than this, the contouring is quick- not ideal. 

3) The tip of the brush is supposed to apply blush. This I find difficult, mainly because I can't control where the blush is on the brush nor where the brush applies it on my cheeks. I am super particular about my blush, so if I would have to only use this blush, I might resort to applying the product with my fingers where I want it, then blending with the brush. Not my favorite at all for blush.

(Blush, the Becca one perfecting brush, and Bronzer)

4) I didn't read about this, but I would use it for highlighting the top of my cheekbones and forehead. 

Overall, the brush is versatile and I love it for primers and cream foundation application. I also love using it to buffer foundation, Bronzer, blush and powder so it doesn't look cakey. I love my Mac 180 brush and this is the first brush to remind me of it. (That made me tingly inside). 
(Becca one perfecting brush and my Mac 180 brush inside of my Birchbox- yup I recycle) 

Would I recommend this brush for a newbie? Probably not. For the same price, a decent brush set will most likely be easier a better way to learn how to apply make-up. I knew how to make the brush contour my cheeks because I know what an angled cheek brush (my fave) does with Bronzer. 

So who should use this? I would definitely pack this to travel lightly. Heck, if even have it in my purse as an emergency-get-ready-ASAP-brush. It's small and efficient when you know how to use it. 

So now...

Kiss of Approval or Kiss of Death?

Kiss of Approval for non-makeup newbies. :) Becca One Perfecting Brush should definitely be a staple in our makeup brushes, if not to replace brushes, just for how amazing it feels. 

Xo, muses :)

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