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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Naked of a 'Blackout' Black- Naked 3 Palette

I love the romance of pinks, rose, and mauves, especially in a beautiful gold Palette. Urban Decay definitely brings the love with the Naked 3 palette, true to all of the rave. Personally, I love just opening the palette. It's as though the room glows. (Insert the Disney cartoon springtime baby animals montage here... And a sigh).

It's just stunning. The combinations are endless with mattes, satins, and almost glitters. As always, taking centerstage is that signature Urban Decay pigmentation, with barely any fallout. I love this because I've been applying it after my foundation instead of before, speeding up my makeup routine. 

Truly an amazing palette for the on-the go girl. Perfect for a subdued office look with light or no liner and lashes in the day that can be transformed into a bombshell mauve smokey eye for dinner or drinks afterwards. Both looks with 1 palette so you can just keep this is in your purse. Obsessed!

Only one thing stood out to me as I've been playing with it and creating looks: the lack of true accent colors.  The ones included, although gorgeous, do not include a color dark enough to complete most looks. Darkheart is not dark enough to be the sole color on the crease for most looks and being the second to last color, I was a bit disappointed it wasn't dark enough to serve as an eye contour or atleast a true accent color. Being a grey-ish, mauve, brown-ish color, Darkheart, itself needs another color in the crease to anchor it, in my opinion. 

Then Blackheart, a gorgeous matte black color with rose speckles, is not Blackout, the blackest matte black as described by Urban decay, and truly the utmost black I've ever used. With the rest of these colors being so subdued, this makes me doublethink reaching for it as my only palette when I travel, or deeming it a complete palette. It just needs that one espresso brown or black to complete it, as I think all palettes do in order to be a complete stand alone palette.

Because of this, the title of most complete palette would have to be the Naked 2, solely because I wouldn't need anything else to travel with to have complete looks. Most fun palette would be Naked 1 and most flirtatious would be the highly coveted, Naked 3. 

Don't get me wrong. I still adore and use the Naked 3 a lot. The combination of mattes to shimmer is divine. The colors play so well with each other in a gold, rose, mauve neutral way. Almost any lip color can play along with the color scheme, same for blush. The palette will be complimentary to any eye color, especially brown eyes (yea, gurl). I love it. They are not the most dramatic colors you will find or create, but they definitely will be among the prettiest, quickly becoming a staple in your makeup drawer. 

Kiss of death or approval?

I'd have to say, although I'd reach for other eye shadows to complete my looks, and might say that the most practical Naked is the Naked 2 because of Blackout, this is the prettiest Naked palette, hands down. I'd give this palette a Kiss of Approval, given the fact that I just keep reaching for it day in and day out. It's a great addition for makeup gurus (even Urban Decay junkies, since all colors are newly released for the palette) and a great purchase for newbies alike, since the colors truly play well with each other leaving much less for mayhem on the lids than other palettes. Definitely love this thing... Even if it's just to open it up in the morning and admire it. :) 

Xo, muses 

1 comment :

  1. This pallet is definitely my go to for office looks.

    I honestly haven't really gotten along with the darker shades--but I chalk it up to user error as I'm not the best when it comes to creating extravagant eye looks.

    Great post!!