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Thursday, February 27, 2014

bh Cosmetics Haul!

I definitely bit the bullet, took the plunge, and joined the bh cosmetics bandwagon. 

Valentine's Day offered not just love, but some lovely deals and I'm a sucker for deals. I mean 3 palettes is excessive (even for me), but the price point just gets me every single time. Yes... I have a confession... this is the second purchase of palettes I have made.

This is the Day & Night Palette and the Galaxy Chic Palette. I'm OBSESSED with the Galaxy Chic Palette. The baked shadows have incredible pigmentation. If space looks like this I totally get Sandra Bullock taking up Gravity, besides the paycheck. 

All, I keep seeing is a copper smokey eye, an icey-blue winter eye... uhh a bold pink-bronze look. I can't handle the beauty of these colors. You have no idea. I can swatch it and it still wouldn't do it justice. I mean just go and buy it now. Seriously, buy your Galaxy Chic Palette now... even though it is out of stock, get on this level and order it for March now.

So yes, these two palettes opened the doors to a crazy obsession. Then these Valentine's Day Deals. Are you kidding me?

So I got the Neutral Palette with 28 shadows, That's Heart's Palette, It's Judy Time's Palette, Office Queen Lip Gloss, Gel Eye Liner in Onyx, Jumbo Eye Pencil in Crystal, Loveable Lash Mascara, bh Cosmetics Liquid Eye Liner in Black, 12 Brushes Set in a black case, and a set of lashes called FLIRT (not pictured). Are you kidding me? All for about $59 and free shipping. Shut up. Who cares if it's acrylic paint at this point. That's cheaper than drugstore makeup (and I hardly ever really buy drugstore makeup haha).

As far as the pigmentation, the shadows, quality, etc. My favorite palette from the second purchase is the Neutral Palette. Hands down. I think it's because I can just think ahead to the many looks I can create for brides, proms, events, even for me. There is a good combination of both shimmers and mattes, and although some of the mattes aren't my favorite, it's still a great palette with 28 shadows. The downside of this palette is that the clear top makes me nervous to travel with it. I fear that it could easily crack.

I loved the It's Judy Time Palette. It's highly pigmented, the colors last quite a while. I mean I really like it. It has a dark brown to anchor my looks, which I love, and I think is a necessity for a good palette (that or black). The 2 things I'm not crazy about: 1) the cardboard packaging- it can get dented easily or destroyed with water etc. although it does look quite sturdy. 2) the colors are blend-able, but it takes some hand motions. Nonetheless, it can easily become a travel buddy of mine because of the range of color, so long as it is sturdy enough to last.

I'm not going to lie, the last palette, That's Heart, with an actual Heart Mirror will be a palette I keep forever just because of the packaging. So stinking cute. All I kept thinking when I got it was, "Wow, she must be so proud of herself to have her name on something so freaking cute." I seriously have been saying this to myself every time I hold the palette.

 In moving the palettes around for the pictures, 2 of the Shadows from the That's Heart Palette popped out. I would have been upset with a $50 palette. As a matter of fact I returned a Naked Palette that had a dent in the box. I crack up that I simply glued the shadows back in and went on with my day. Isn't that funny?

I was also a little disappointed with the black shadow, and surprisingly in the 2 browns. I'm not sure if I got a duped palette, but that black is so dry. It's like there's no real pigmentation or even powder coming up. Then it isn't blending into my crease. It's a mess. I'm not a fan. The blush is gorgeous, the bronzer is nice and so is the highlighter, but out of habit, it isn't replacing my normal blushes, bronzer, or highlighters. Just can't quit you (my blush, bronzer, and highlighter).

The black brings me down so much that the browns, although nice colors, don't sit nicely with me because they don't really play with each other. This leaves the black the only real color to anchor either one of the browns in my opinion... and it's no bueno alone. If I mix other colors from other palettes or single shadows, it's great.

I loveeee everything I have been trying so far and will post more pictures and looks soon. :)

Check out the deals that bh cosmetics has going on in time for the Oscars.

Do you own any of these beauties? Are you dying to see swatches of a particular palette? Have any questions? What will amuse you, my muse? Comment below. :)

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