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Friday, January 24, 2014

Musings on the Reigning Teenage Drama

*spoiler alert* if you haven't watched! 

Besides the the gorgeous costumes, which aren't necessarily super historically accurate; the scenery, and historical truth, CW's Reign has become a blog-worthy favorite of mine because of it's intense teenage love-triangle and even violent plots that leave you wishing your history classes included these juicy details!

Last night was definitely a way to return with a BANG! Following the precedent set in it's initial episodes, Mary's dress in the latter part of the show (pictured above from the CW and featured in the E! interview) was everything. I want my Queen to dress like that.Shoot... I want to be Queen and dress like that... Actually, I just want to dress like that... Now... at home... or the coffee shop... corset and all... I digress...

Other developments: Clarissa is not just creepy (with the whole doll thing), but capable of mega violence. Nostradamus is stabbed...Possibly dead! And that's nothing!!

Mary returns and in one night dethrones Catherine, meaning Francis and his brother will lose their claim to the crown and inheritance; and sets Bash up to be legitimized, which would make him the next King of France! What!!!! 

Historically speaking, we know she marries Francis and that he does die. How or who will convince Mary to marry Francis? How does he regain his claim to crown? Who's next to die!? When does the King die? Is Nostradamus dead? And who the heck is Clarissa!?

I have a feeling Clarissa will have a huge part in bringing Francis and Mary together, but most likely in no way that we all expect or even trying to protect. I can be totally wrong. 

Watch the episode on the to catch up with what all the cool muses are talking about. 

I haven't been this excited about a series since the first season of The OC or Gossip Girl (geez). 

What are your musings on next week's predictions? 


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