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Monday, January 20, 2014

Musings on Nameplates & Sweater-vests!

Vince cashmere sweater vest/ Gap shirt/ Minnetonka lined moccasins/ Mac Pink Nouveau/ my name plate (mega old)

An actual cold front!? I loved being able to throw my Vince cashmere sweater vest on! It's comfortable and a fun shape.  I love the stripes on stripes. 

Finally- cold weather in Miami! 

More importantly- I've been de-cluttering and going through old stuff. Getting rid of the old and editing what I have. Of course, this means I'm also finding gems! Remember the last episode of Sex and the City, where Carrie is sitting in the gallery bored waiting for the Russian to finish his opening night since he neglected her?? Then inside of her vintage clutch she notices the lining is coming undone and she finds inside her identity- it's her nameplate necklace that was stuck inside- remember?? That's actually kind of how I found mine! It was inside of a bag full of old jewelry inside of another clutch and then that once was inside of a huge purse (like a Russian doll of baubles!) I found it like 2 days before my birthday and after a crazy year like I had, it just reminded me of good times. 

My first nameplate necklace was actually my godmother's and it was hers. It was gold and said "Mari" since my middle name is a variation of it, she wanted me to have it. So nameplate jewelry is a big deal. I don't remember when I got this one with my first name, but it reminds me of fun and being self-assured. Like a good "epoca" (if that makes sense). I'm all about doing whatever you need to feel the good vibes, girl- so we are nameplate necklacing it up these days ;) 

Have you ever had that moment where nostalgia is actually a sign of clearer skies ahead? There's like a mature excitement that comes with it. It's as though you can bet based on past experiences that everything always turns up-and if it's up, it's always going to be even better. 

What does your Nameplate jewelry mean to you?

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