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Monday, January 27, 2014

Makeup Musings: 8 Steps to an 'I woke up like this'- Flawless Look inthe AM


Oh Yonce! 
#Surfboard, the hair, the outfit and body... the only woman that probably is able to have both women and men love her equally. (I'm picturing Kevin Hart singing "Flawless)

Because we all wake up like this! Smokey-Eye and all. 


I'm obsessed with Queen Bey and love her natural look, as well as her bombshell look. Last night's opening act with HOV, got me to thinking how we can all incorporate some Yonce #Flawless-ness in our daily lives.

So in the spirit of beauty and practicality, the following is a fool proof list that I follow as a skeleton for a quick morning beauty routine. Let's be honest, sometimes an elaborate 12-shadow  smokey eye isn't going to make it in the schedule of am events (think Rocket v. Partition), but there is always room to create a flawless face, to face the day. (You saw what I did there- " flawless face...face the day"- I crack myself up).

1. Primer this has become a staple for me since it extends the wear of foundation and it also makes your face look like a porcelain doll by filling in all the pores, nooks, and crannies. Always a plus. 

2. Foundation I prefer liquid to mineral powder foundation (less of the mess and just faster for me to put on), but get your coverage and preference down. Just don't use powder over concealer alone. In high school, I was a victim of this as well, and this does nothing for your skin. Great foundation doesn't clog your pores and let's your skin breathe. It actually is a step in skin care, but powder-  (not mineral powder foundation) is to wear over foundation to set it. So if you don't like your foundation, date around and sample different types, shades, textures, and brands until you fall in love. Until then, you don't have to commit. ;) 

3. Concealer/ corrector/ liquid highlighter Most women have minor imperfections that the right foundation, disappear. I think concealer or corrector, when matched correctly and applied correctly (depending on the type of product) is really only necessary sometimes under the eyes. That's primarily what I use it for in the morning. Let's be real, in the morning, I'm trying to remember to brush my teeth. I don't think at that time I'm going to get into an elaborate Kardashian-esque highlighting and contouring session. If you are, girl, play on playa. That's amazing and I gawk at your energy and lack of AM laziness. To the rest of us- this step adds an element of freshness and livens up the face. Just a quick dab under the eyes, blend with an awesome beauty blender and move on. Here's the catch- I just learned I wasn't concealing enough under my eye. Then add the highlighter on top, or just highlighter in less severe cases (I'm never the less- severe case, but that's neither here nor there) and... FLAWLESS! This picture is on point for where to put on concealer.

4. Blush Finally, some color! On the apples of your cheeks, some pink blush livens up any sleep-zombie, coffee-deprived, allergy-ridden face. Holler at that pink. Tip** to create the highlight effect, keep the blush application on the bottom-outward part of the apples your cheeks. (Nidia-ism)

5. Bronzer A quick glide under your cheekbone gives any face an actual cheekbone. Dignify your face with this quick step. Make sure to begin from the hairline towards your nose. First place you place that brush has the highest concentration of color.

6. Eyeliner For daytime, I suggest 2 options: a bronze or steel (I prefer bronze on me) smudged eyeliner for an all-around look. You got an extra second, smudge it with shadow into your lid to set it, plus you got yourself a sexy look there, bombshell.  My other go-to option is a black top-only almost-winged eyeliner, especially with a bright lip. These two are my in-a-hurry, look-like-a-normal-person eyeliner looks, especially if I'm not wearing any eye shadow.

7. Mascara  Ryan Goslin called. He loves mascara... girl. ;)
I love mascara. I won't leave the house without mascara or foundation. So lock and load 'em lashes. and load 'em. and load 'em again. **I don't use waterproof for daily activities. I've found that they dry my lashes out and don't give me as much length. I've found a few I can cry with and not look like a dirty waterfall in on my face. If you want some suggestions, let me know, but lay low on the waterproof. (thumbs-up emoji here)

8. Lipgloss/ lipstain/ lipstick I balm it up before hand and apply whatever I got in my purse in the car when I'm in a hurry. My purse is another stratigecally planned little minefield of its own, but for now know that I always have a lip balm, nude lipgloss and nude-ish lipstick, a pink combo of this, and, a bright red lipstick. Lisptains are awesome in a long-wear, no-mess kind of way; but if you have dry lips... beware. Chap-city chick. Lip stains have no mercy on chapped lips. I stick to lip glosses on dry lipped days and even just balm, vaseline or aquaphor sometimes. 

**Optional- Setting spray. I love that stuff. It's like hairspray, but for your FACE! GENIUS! 

And with this you have a quick beauty routine (a lot quicker if I'm not yapping). You also have a base from which to branch out. Now wild eyes can be added in and you got yourself a basic #Flawless face. Don't you want to dance in a leotard like the girls emoji??

Tell him, 'I woke up like this!'

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