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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Why I waited almost a year to cut this peluca

Today's Musing is on the reality of haircuts and girls: it's an epic experience. 

So, in the title I stated I waited almost a year to cut my hair (white friends, "peluca" translates to "wig" from Spanish, but who are we kidding.  If you're reading this you're a close friend & know that already... So in that case, shout out to you, homie!) *i don't have a wig- this post is about my hair.

I waited this long in part because I procrastinate. The other reason, I've grown weary of just willy-nilly trusting anyone with this hair. Two bobs and the chia pet incident of 1998 served as strong lessons. (I looked like the head chia pet).

See, price, location, and the regular real estate selling points just don't work for hair. In the end an expensive salon can leave you moppin'-it with your hair and a less expensive place can leave you fab. Of course vice-versa. 

So, with no referall, I waited. Waiting was ugly. I mean I would flip & iron it pretending I was going for loose waves- with dead straight ends???

So I went on a search. I had some requirements to ask about hair stuff:

1. I had to have  "confianza" with the person 
2. I had to utterly love their hair
3. I had to implicitly trust their opinion
4. They had to sell me on their Hair Lady.


With these requirements met, this meant I could literally be driving to the tip of Florida- end of the world for a haircut. I mean I've done houses, sketchy salons, apartments, dude did I mention I've done other countries... Yea.

So this is today's end product- and I'm in love. 

Shout out to Odalys from Mayra's Beauty Salon. Like her on Facebook. 

Is there any service you go out of your way-crazy-referall-only for? 
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