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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nail Musings: Glitter Blocking

This Week's Mani is a DIY Glitter-ati Creation 

Essie-Barefoot & Topless
Art Club-Gold Glitter (Na26 FINE tip)

It's time to get festive! I love getting in the Holiday Spirit with a fun manicure.

 I can never paint my own nails, but I did try this DIY creation. So, if you're feeling crafty and daring, I decided to write out how I did it. :)

After choosing the two nails on my left hand to make the color-block design on, I painted them entirely with Marshmallow. Some people opt for the taping-off-into-sections approach, but this always turns into a hot mess for me (more mess than hot). Instead, I use an orange stick with some cotton soaked in acetone on one end to swipe the middle section off. I do this before the the polish has dried to avoid thick edges. Once this color dried, I applied Barefoot & Topless to the middle section. Once that dried, I used the Art Club Gold Glitter wand to go over the edges and voila! On my right hand, my index finger has the same design but the colors are inverted. I also added polka-dots with the Art Club Gold Glitter wand to hide an imperfection on the Marshmallow nail. 

Fun, no?! What fun designs are you trying for the holidays?

Until next time, muses!

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