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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My musings... And a Welcome!

In honor of starting a new chapter of my life- you know, a girl before her 30s (emphasis on before) but post- quarter-life crisis shenanigans, in a transition period with everything up in the air- I've decided to begin what any self-respecting somewhat-social-media-literate individual would also start- a fun & girly lifestyle blog. Why not? (More of a statement than even a rhetorical question) 

See, I love the girly stuff- #ootd #whatiwore #diy, makeup, styling, sales, crafts, and learning how to make or do all of that from others... But I figure it can be somewhat entertaining not only to learn with me new tricks, but also to check in on this journey because of my perspective. Why? Here's a quick bio: 

I'm a kid from Miami, with a brother and my parents are Latin: mom's Dominican and dad's Cuban. The catch? Nothing about us is typical-anything from either country. Period. Anything that looks or sounds typical from any country is to fit in or was a gift. Ha. 

Interestingly enough, my dad is also a former Jesuit (yes, before meeting my mom- no, he didn't leave the priesthood for her- yes, it would have made for an awesome OG Padre Alberto story, but no cigar). I mention this because it is probably the quickest identifier and single-most influential aspect of my background. We grew up with these ideals ingrained in us, and it's pretty cool that the new Pope is also a Jesuit, making it like a trending topic (#jesuit). I like to think of them as the renegade priests (brings to mind the Eminem & Jay-Z song Renegade) who go hard on anything they're about. 

Yup, that's different for you. This should be fun. 

So I want to blog about all of these hobbies, but also about this transitional time as I build this next chapter. I figure that these moments aren't particular to me and I'm sure, at least 98% sure, I don't have all of the answers (I'm kidding). So if you want some encouragement because you're going through something similar, or if you need comic relief (I won't be offended, I promise) Check in. I promise, regardless of the topic, it's relatable. We're all humans with insecurities and dreams. I figure that's the real goal: to overcome our insecurities and build our dreams. Behind the cute fonts and amazing graphics (my sis rocks!) the goal is to blog about this journey.

 So, welcome to my mind and my musings. Please feel free to share with me yours as well. 

**my views are mine alone and do not represent the views of any other party... Including my own.**

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