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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I'm a lover, baby

I have a confession. I am absolutely obsessed with personality/leadership tests, quizzes, and what they reveal. OBSESSED. So in this period of introspection, it's only fair that I share the wealth.

My most recent find was on and it is meant to identify your workplace personality. This gem revealed that I rank high in the Lover and Jester archetypes. As a lover, I come to work for my people and the relationships there. As a jester, I'm a clown, but a creative clown. Ha. I get the job done when I care for the people around me and when we are all having fun finding creative solutions to the challenges around us.

When either of the two are lost, I tend to have to walk away from the project, but even more so if the relationships are lost. Without the people to run with, my heart is no longer in it. The innate drive is gone and so is my passion. My passion is so strongly linked with people. So interesting...

Take a whirl at the quiz and find your archetypes. Does your current workplace match your archetype(s)? 

Career Archetype Test

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